March 17, 2011

Home Sweet Home: Kitchen!

Sooooo many people have been asking for more photos of our home and I'm finally getting around to fulfilling that request. Thing is, when you move into a house, there are about 23,218,790 things you want to fix/replace/remove before you want to blast the Internet with "HEY look at my cool house!"

I've kind of given up on the fact that everything will someday be complete. Everyone kept telling us that there would always be things we wanted to fix or change about the house and after being here for a little over 10 months they are absolutely right. Don't get me wrong, we LOVE our house... but there's always something that could be just a little better/bigger/prettier.

I really can't take much credit for the kitchen in our house. The old owners did a really great job of updating everything before we purchased the home.

Please excuse the quality of the "before" photos as I pulled from the MLS site a while back to show family and friends the house before we purchased it!


We did change the paint color a little bit. I wasn't crazy about the baby blue walls so I went with something a little more subtle and more grey.

One of my favorite things about our kitchen is the big pantry cabinet next to the refrigerator! PS please don't judge the amount of tuna we have. It was on sale!
I learned early on in our marriage that if I always stocked the ingredients for homemade Italian sauce, Hubs would make it whenever I asked. Hence, the ridiculous amount of tomato products on the bottom shelf!

When we first moved in, I wasn't crazy about the tin backsplash. But, I've gotta admit it has really grown on me recently!

My two favorite kitchen appliances :)

The previous owners used this space as a small eating area for their children. They had tall bar stools up to this counter. We've decided to (at least for now) use it as more wine storage and puppy food storage. The blender is also easily accessable becasue in the spring and summer, we love a morning smoothie!

No kitchen is complete without fresh flowers. These came from the farm last weekend! I love spring!!!


  1. coolest knife holder EVER!!!! Love it!! Ya'll have done a great job with the house so far!! :)

  2. Love the wine fridge, we have one too!

  3. Welcome back! Your kitchen is beautiful, can't wait to see the paint job in the rest of the house! Love the flowers in the kitchen, too...and the little board on the wall, so cute!

  4. Careful, tons of tuna is what got grandma started.
    I think we are running a little low on sauce. Hmmmmm

  5. Everything is looking so beautiful! Great job on your kitchen. (pictures are so clear)Can't wait to see the living room and floors!