August 23, 2010

Baltimore Maryland Wedding Photographer - Brent and Allie : The Wedding

Brent and Allie's beautiful wedding absolutely took my breath away. The all day excitement Allie posessed was absolutely adorable and completely evident in the images below. Brent and Allie have been together since high school. On their first date, a mere eight years ago, they showed up wearing the same exact striped Polo shirt... if that's not a sign that it's meant to be, I don't know what is.
To view their slideshow click here!

Allie, I need these shoes.

See what I mean... the excitement... was awesome. "Eeeee I'm getting maaaarrieddd!"

Allie, you are stunning.

The gorgeous ladies!

Pure happiness.


A Maryland wedding is not complete without a Bride and Groom performance of "the crab"!
Brent and Allie, you are absolutely stunning. I am so happy we were able to capture your amazing day... and make two new friends at the same time. Enjoy your honeymoon!!!


  1. These pictures are so beautiful! You captured their feelings, Allie's breathtaking beauty and her precious personality! Of course I think my son is the most handsome groom ever! Thanks so much! Brent's mom

  2. Wow!! Gorgeous bride, and gorgeous images!! Beautiful job, Melissa. :)

  3. I am looking at these pictures and I have tears, they are so beautiful! Fabulous job Melis & Nick! MM