February 17, 2010


Right this very minute, there are so many things running through my head. Inspiration, excitement, love and happiness. Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending the coveted Jasmine* photography workshop with 19 other fabulous photographers. I knew it was going to be an amazing experience, but Jasmine seriously ROCKED IT OUT. She's candid, sincere and just all around fabulous.

She opened her heart and her mind and every photographer in the room left completely inspired and ready to change the industry with Jasmine's tips and enthusiasm. Not only were we all able to learn a tremendous amount from Jasmine and JD, but we learned from each other.

I'm heart and mind are full of excitement and new ideas and I cannot WAIT to get home to put everything I learned back into my business. Jasmine and the workshop attendees opened my mind and made me realize exactly what I want my business to be.

Jasmine and JD, thank you for absolutely EVERYTHING. You are an inspiration. Not only in your business and your photography, but in your relationship. The love you have for each other just permeates the air. You ROCK!

{Photos coming soon... I don't have my laptop with me!}


  1. very heartfelt post! can't wait to see your images.....

  2. Great post! It was so good to meet you! You are too cute! Hope we can keep in touch! XoXo Angela

  3. I love Jasmine Star- I'm so jealous you got to meet her! I'm an avid blog stalker of hers. Hope all is well!