February 23, 2009

Black and White - Adults

This week's I heart faces contest theme is black and white. I've decided to enter both the kids and adults category this week... WHOAAA look OUT!

For the Adults entry I've chosen this beautiful photo of a bride-to-be, Aliya during her Mayun Milad. Aliya is looking up at her Grandmother in this picture, as she places a yellow paste on her skin to bring her good luck in the days before the wedding.

The Mayun is a pre-wedding Pakistani tradition that includes prayer and blessing of the bride and the upcoming marriage. The bride's pampering begins on the day of the Mayun... and traditionally she is freed of all chores until the wedding day. Nothing is more beautiful than a glowing bride-to-be!



  1. What a fabulous expression you caught! Thanks for sharing--it's a beautiful photograph!

  2. That is a beautiful photo. This week's contest was my first dabble into B&W. I'm finding conversion to black and white sometimes makes a harsh result, but yours is soft and bright. I love it!

  3. Yes, so many b&w photos focus on the black...but i love the emphisis on white..so nice

  4. The beautiful white teeth and the dark eyes with lush lashes are in striking contrast to each other. So lovely.