January 29, 2009


This just in. Hubs and I are officially business owners in this lovely city of Alexandria! Melissa Manzione Photography is officially UP AND RUNNING. We are oh so excited to embark upon this crazy journey and promise to blog about our experiences; good and bad. From what I understand owning your own business has its ups and downs and we're both pretty much an open book so we'll keep you posted on our ups and downs! Though we know it'll be tough, we're both really looking forward to being business owners. Hubs even agreed to be a second shooter with me sometimes! Look out world, he's learning the trade!

Thanks for staying tuned and we're looking forward to a GREAT 2009.

Oh... and since I hate it when photogs post blogs without pics here's a new one for ya. Its from an event I normally participate in every year called the Polar Bear Plunge. This wonderful event is held yearly in Maryland where all kinds of crazy people come together to raise money for Special Olympics Maryland by asking for pledges from their friends and family for them to PLUNGE into the Chesapeake Bay (kindof like running a 5k for any cause where you ask for pledges, but this is for the alternative crowd that likes to jump into water at below freezing temperatures). Anyway, this year I was just getting over a what seemed like the plague (and I was a wuss), so I decided not to actually plunge but I went anyway because wouldn't miss this event if I was on my death bed! Here's a pic of my brother freezing his butt off in the 32degree Chesapeake Bay. They literally had to break ice for the morning plungers to get into the bay.

can you say brrrrrrrr



  1. Melissa the blog looks awesome and good luck with your new BUSINESS!!!!

  2. great photo melissa. But Jason, how come you are running out like you can't take it any more and the rest of the crowd behind you is havin a partay?

  3. Yay! I'm so excited for you. I know great things are in your future!! If you ever want to travel to Hawaii to shoot, I'll put ya'll up! :)

  4. OMG!!! CRAZY doesn't begin to describe this! Congratulatoins.. I'm very proud of you!

  5. Absolutely LOVE the header what a great job! GOOD LUCK I hope 09 is fabulous!

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    You may need to add my as a follower again. I changed the URL on my website and my old link doesnt work any longer.